A New Voice for Boulder’s Neighborhoods

Welcome to the Boulder Neighborhood Alliance, a group of citizens in Boulder, Colorado committed to neighborhood preservation, measured growth, and protecting the integrity of neighborhood zoning.

“Cooperative Housing.” “Gentle Infill.” “Housing Crisis.” “YIMBY!”  It seems like Boulder is under constant assault by a variety of interest groups who are bent on turning Boulder into the next Portland or San Francisco.  Outrageous development projects and social engineering ideas come up in the City Council and Planning Board on a monthly basis, often with minimal notice to the citizens and scant attention from the news media.  Many projects affect a single neighborhood here or there, making the residents of those neighborhoods feel that the city is forcing them to bear an excessive burden for the “greater good.”  It’s time for them to realize that they are not alone.

We are coalescing fellow Boulder citizens, in order to watch out for these and other issues coming up in Boulder, which affect one neighborhood or many.  The initial core of this group are people who came together to express concerns about the City Council’s proposal to allow so-called “cooperative housing”  (a euphemism for “boarding houses”) in residential neighborhoods (which has now been enacted into law).  But there are many issues to watch.  Our objective is to keep our members informed about the city government’s growth and density plans and other issues, including:

Opposing us are many well-funded pro-growth groups – ranging from developers to housing activists.  These groups have come to dominate city policy over the last several years.  The Boulder Neighborhood Alliance is an attempt to bring all Boulder neighborhoods together in an organization that will work to protect neighborhood residents – young families, middle class workers, homeowners heavily invested in their homes and neighborhoods, and elderly long-term residents – for today and in the future.

Our organization is centered around this website and an email newsletter, which we are calling the “Announcements” mailing list.  We will be sending out announcements about upcoming critical City Council and Planning Board meetings, and updates on new and ongoing issues.  Join us now by signing up for the Announcements email list.

Read more about the issues we are currently working on.