Ben Binder: Who pays for ‘affordable housing’?

The price of a home is not the only factor that makes it affordable. Our ever-increasing property taxes make it difficult for some individuals to remain in their homes.

In the last round of property assessments, many individuals reported property tax increases of 25 percent. Some mistakenly attribute property tax increases to the increase in the price of homes. But this is not the way things should work.

Source: Ben Binder: Who pays for ‘affordable housing’? – Boulder Daily Camera

Joan Zimmerman: The untold story of Picklebric

The Daily Camera appears to have abandoned balanced reporting, as it degrades into advocacy journalism in the manner of its conservative counterpart, Fox News… I refer to the Camera’s sympathy story about the illegally over occupied Picklebric co-op, having to vacate the premises of 765 13th St.  The real story is that the property’s owner/landlord complied with the law, as he should, operated well within his rights, and did the responsible thing…

Source: Joan Zimmerman: The untold story of Picklebric – Boulder Daily Camera

Elizabeth Helgans: One-sided coverage of Picklebric

Fair journalism about a controversial topic should cover and/or quote both sides of the story. Alex Burness’s highly biased article about co-ops did not even attempt to cover both sides  … He should have at least attempted to interview one or two of the thousands of residents in quiet, low- and medium-density, single-family neighborhoods that aren’t interested in living next to a six-to-15 person co-op. Most homeowners did not sink their life savings into the biggest purchase of their life with the expectation that one day they could live next to a grossly over-occupied house…

Source: Elizabeth Helgans: One-sided coverage of Picklebric – Boulder Daily Camera

Sally Schneider: Daily Camera falls to new low

The Daily Camera’s “reporting” fell to a new low with the front page “infomercial” about the Picklebric “co-op,” or more correctly the Picklebric “illegally over occupied rental”

Source: Sally Schneider: Daily Camera falls to new low – Boulder Daily Camera

Stacey Goldfarb: A Mockery of Planning

This article has also been published as a letter to the editor: Stacey Goldfarb: A planning mockery – Boulder Daily Camera

I’ve got the answer for Boulder:

Let’s just keep expanding our population – 200,000, 250,000, heck, even a half million people! Boulder should house the world! Let’s have no occupancy limits. Better yet, no limits whatsoever! Building Size? Height limit? Who cares? We’re talking Manhattan on Mapleton, baby! Silicon Valley on Sanitas!

Here’s the best part: If anyone dares question our plan, we’ll just call ‘em selfish. That’s it! If anyone invokes science, natural limits, finite water resources, ecology, carrying capacity…or Phoenix or LA …we’ll call ‘em elitists! That’s it! That’s how we’ll subdue anyone who questions us. Continue reading “Stacey Goldfarb: A Mockery of Planning”