Mark Wallach: Boulder housing: law enforcement optional 

Prospective tenants at Sterling University Peaks apartments were told they would be occupying private bedrooms. But the fine print of the lease stated that they agreed to share a bedroom. How is it that these landlords are permitted to retain their rental license for one day more after behavior that is duplicitous at best towards the tenants, and fraudulent with respect to the city?

This selective and understaffed approach to law enforcement is one of the key elements in the growing neighborhood opposition to the city’s plans to expand the use of co-ops into low-density neighborhoods. In addition to the destructive impact on residential neighborhoods resulting from 10-12 unrelated individuals with cars living next door, the city has also made it amply clear that there will be no serious regulation of these living arrangements. If there is no enforcement now, when co-ops are few, what can we expect when they increase exponentially?

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