Twin Lakes Action Group – Critical County Meeting Aug 30

A quick reminder from our friends at  the BVCP land-use designation meeting with the County Commissioners and Planning Commission is in just a few hours …

When:  4pm – late on Tuesday August 30th
Where: Boulder County Courthouse
What:  This is the last opportunity to publicly talk to the County and share your opinions.  This critical meeting  starts at 4pm – Yes – that is early so come as soon as you can.  Twin Lakes is the 3rd item on the agenda, and no we don’t know what time that corresponds to.

TLAG will be outside answering questions; handing out stickers; helping speakers and poolers find each other; and counting how many supporters we have – so please stop by and say “hi”.
If you are signed up to speak, pool, or would like to sign up to speak … you will also need to go inside and check in with the County.
This will be a long meeting – come prepared (water, snacks, comfortable shoes, a jacket – we hopefully will have so many people we will spill outside)

You do NOT need to sign up to attend – a large crowd of supporters will have a big impact.

If not you, who? who? who?
If not you, who? who? who?

If you are there and decide you would like to speak (which is the best way to show the large number of supporters that TLAG has) – signup inside the Courthouse on the County’s list and you will then have up to 2 minutes to speak.  We are recommending a “30-second” speech … All you need to do is say your name; address; and quickly say what you are for / and or against.  Below are some examples, but definitely come up with your own and give your unique perspective on the issue.

  •    I am for Open Space
  •    I am for maintaining wildlife corridors
  •    I am for preserving the rural residential look and feel of Gunbarrel
  •    I am for maintaining the current density
  •    I am for protecting dedicated lands and open space
  •    I am against increasing density
  •    I am against annexation through Open Space
  •    I am against developing property that is a land dedication
  •    The land-use designation of this property has been low density residential for over 4 decades, I am against increasing the designation to medium density
On behalf of the TLAG Board of Directors, I want to thank everyone who comes to the Courthouse on Tuesday.  We know it is hard to schedule around jobs, evening commitments and kids – and we appreciate that you are giving your time to this important issue.
Lisa Sundell – TLAG Board Member