Steve Pomerance: We need more democracy, not less


Steve Pomerance addresses a number of statewide and local political issues, including term-limits, co-ops, and affordable housing:

From my perspective, many of the current hot political issues have angles that haven’t been adequately discussed.  Here are a few…

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Boulder Weekly: Co-op Conundrum

Jan Trussell’s column got it exactly right: A vocal, self-selected group of activists is coercing City Council into granting them a special privilege — at the expense of residents in every existing neighborhood of Boulder. The co-op advocates’ resort to name-calling and labeling is unhelpful. But the biggest problem is that City Council is swallowing the co-op story whole, without asking critical questions:

Why are we creating something that will have very little benefit in terms of affordable housing, yet will put still more pressure on middle-class housing availability? Why do we need to define umpteen different types of co-op all at once? Why not start with a single model that everyone can understand, a real ownership co-op, instead of experimenting with untried concepts like so-called “rental co-ops”? Continue reading “Boulder Weekly: Co-op Conundrum”

Gail Promboin: Boulder’s public process theater 

I read with interest that the city has appointed a working group to examine the public processes the city uses to gather citizen input.

Too often, these processes are designed to be closed-ended, to consider limited options, and to reach predetermined conclusions. The decisions have been made; citizens’ time is wasted to make them appear legitimate…

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Earl Noe: Affordable housing can be reverse Robin Hood scheme 

I am that rara avis, a low-income Boulder homeowner. The only reason I am here is that I bought a house over 40 years ago, and through old-fashioned manual labor, paid off two mortgages and years of escalating property-tax bills. Can you imagine how I feel when I hear that the city’s affordable housing policies involve taking properties off the tax rolls, compelling the other property owners make up the difference in revenue?

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Early CU Boulder South annexation plans yield concerns from residents 

An open house to address early plans from the city and the University of Colorado toward annexation of the 300-acre land parcel known as CU Boulder South may signal harsh public resistance moving forward, as more than 150 residents crammed into St. Paul’s United Methodist Church on Monday night to voice concerns with the project’s vision so far.

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TLAG: Boulder County commissioners have a conflict of interest 

The Twin Lakes Action Group has called on the Board of Boulder County Commissioners to recuse themselves from casting a formal vote on competing requests for changing the Boulder Valley Comprehensive Plan’s current low-density land-use designation for 20 acres of vacant government-owned properties in Gunbarrel.

Full Story: Twin Lakes Action Group contends Boulder County commissioners have a conflict of interest – Boulder Daily Camera