Steve Pomerance: We need more democracy, not less


Steve Pomerance addresses a number of statewide and local political issues, including term-limits, co-ops, and affordable housing:

From my perspective, many of the current hot political issues have angles that haven’t been adequately discussed.  Here are a few…

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Boulder Weekly: Co-op Conundrum

Jan Trussell’s column got it exactly right: A vocal, self-selected group of activists is coercing City Council into granting them a special privilege — at the expense of residents in every existing neighborhood of Boulder. The co-op advocates’ resort to name-calling and labeling is unhelpful. But the biggest problem is that City Council is swallowing the co-op story whole, without asking critical questions:

Why are we creating something that will have very little benefit in terms of affordable housing, yet will put still more pressure on middle-class housing availability? Why do we need to define umpteen different types of co-op all at once? Why not start with a single model that everyone can understand, a real ownership co-op, instead of experimenting with untried concepts like so-called “rental co-ops”? Continue reading “Boulder Weekly: Co-op Conundrum”

Gail Promboin: Boulder’s public process theater 

I read with interest that the city has appointed a working group to examine the public processes the city uses to gather citizen input.

Too often, these processes are designed to be closed-ended, to consider limited options, and to reach predetermined conclusions. The decisions have been made; citizens’ time is wasted to make them appear legitimate…

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Earl Noe: Affordable housing can be reverse Robin Hood scheme 

I am that rara avis, a low-income Boulder homeowner. The only reason I am here is that I bought a house over 40 years ago, and through old-fashioned manual labor, paid off two mortgages and years of escalating property-tax bills. Can you imagine how I feel when I hear that the city’s affordable housing policies involve taking properties off the tax rolls, compelling the other property owners make up the difference in revenue?

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