Sara Mitton: Jan Burton gets it wrong.

Is Boulder polluting the world or is the world polluting Boulder?

After researching the Jan Burton opinion that Boulder has an F in air quality (“Changing world requires fresh look at housing options,” Daily Camera, Oct. 16), it appears to be a selective opinion on interpreting the federal guideline on ozone that the EPA has arbitrarily raised recently. I found that Boulder’s higher readings on particulates the last two years are the result of the fires on the west coast. And that our higher ozone readings are the result of local colder, wetter weather caused by world climate change and pollution reaching us from as far as China.

I think the growth of CU’s student population is now skewing the stats of Boulder’s lifestyles. We have a large population of temporary 18-25-year-olds that is growing without CU addressing their housing needs. Single-family homes pay much of the property tax that funds this city. If we reduce them, we lose that revenue. Hirt’s political treatise on zoning appears biased to me, as she was raised in Eastern Europe and uncomfortable with American tradition as she states herself. We need some perspective before destroying Boulder’s neighborhoods.

One step we do need is to require developers to place their affordable housing on site and to see that it is incorporated when approved rather than building a huge reserve for later construction. Also, to recognize that some industrial zones need reconsideration of designation for added housing for our in-commuters. It’s the only spare land we have.

Sara Mitton

Source: Sara Mitton: Students skew housing numbers – Boulder Daily Camera