Linkage Fee capitulation is a travesty

Dear Boulder City Council, (cc Betsey Martens, Boulder Chamber, BNA)

I think your capitulation to Boulder Chamber and BHP on this woefully inadequate linkage fee is a travesty for our community, and many in my neighborhood agree.

First, it significantly undermines the authenticity of your motivations regarding affordable housing and confirms many in our communities suspicions that this “crisis” is largely a justification for opening up more high profit/high density private development, while continuing the ongoing expansion of BHP’s public rental agency. That expansion increasingly does nothing at all to provide ownership opportunities, the actual problem according to everyone my age that I speak with. It also further ensconces BHP as the politically preferred rent seeker, to whom no rules seem to apply, and which, now apparently, also has preferred lobbying status.

There is simply no reason Boulder should not have an equivalent or higher rate than Mountain View, CA if your proposition of “crisis” is true. The only real crisis here is Council’s ongoing pattern of willingness to sell our unique environmental, cultural and physical legacy for pennies on the dollar – and foist the remaining costs on existing residents.

Lastly, it’s another picture perfect example of Council completely disregarding the opinion of residents. Your final choice of a fee below even your own staff’s recommendation shows that Council will continue to take a dictatorial approach without moderation, negotiation, or consideration of resident opinions.

This City Council, excepting Ms. Morzel, Ms. Young, and Mr. Weaver, has done more to undermine my belief in representative government and progressivism than anything else in my short 34 year life. But what a great reminder it has been to remain jaded. Follow the money...and sell public goods for private profits whenever you can. Hey…you can always move to Bozeman, and rinse and repeat right? Perhaps Whitefish after that?

H. Hallstein, Boulder Resident