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A citizen speaks at City Council meetingThe next hearing on the proposed Cooperative Housing Ordinance will be at the Council’s regular meeting on Tuesday, January 3rd, 2017.  This will be the Third Reading of the ordinance – in theory, they should only be considering changes from what was discussed in their December 6th meeting.  The January 3rd meeting will include hearing comments from the public (see below).

NEWOfficial Agenda Packet for 1/3/17

The City Attorney has posted three documents on the city attorney’s website in preparation for the Jan 3rd hearing:

The City Council has not reviewed these documents, so they should be considered preliminary, subject to final review by the council.

Here’s an Excel Spreadsheet that can be used to evaluate the five “options” listed in the 3rd document above: 3rd Reading Co-op Options Evaluator

Our Positions on the 3rd Reading Options

Billboard: "Six is enough!"
Six people per co-op is plenty

BNA’s Positions on the Co-op Ordinance 3rd Reading Jan. 3, 2017

The Opposition’s View

Here’s what the co-op advocates are saying about the draft ordinance. “BOCHA” (rhymes with “gotcha”) is the main housing co-op activist organization in Boulder.


Council decision on December 13th

The full Council voted 9-0 to hear public input at the co-op ordinance 3rd reading.  Jones argued against it, Young and Morzell argued for it.  Yates, Brockett and Appelbaum all reluctantly said it was necessary.   Jones and Brockett hope that people will limit their comments to only the aspects that are still up for discussion since the last hearing.  Shoemaker did encourage people to also speak up about the enforcement of occupancy limits.

Watch the video of their brief discussion:

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