Michael L. Smith: Shut down Twin Lakes train wreck

Reality Check! Boulder will always have what the Boulder County Housing Authority mis-labels as an “affordable housing crisis.” Here’s why:

Boulder remains a desirable place to live. Even as Boulder’s quality of life begins to crumble under its own success, people and corporations still want to come here. That creates more jobs, and more demand for housing. That demand, in turn, drives housing prices even higher. As long as corporations and people stream into Boulder, that cycle will continue. Even if Boulder County Housing Authority (BCHA) built 500 new affordable housing units each year, they still could never get ahead of that simple economic curve. Build more affordable housing, and even more folks in need of affordable housing will flock to Boulder and fill it up. And the word will spread, which puts us even further behind the curve.

Do you see the cycle? Do you see the insoluble problem? There is a word for what’s going on in Boulder — “unsustainable.” And there is a word for what BCHA is trying to do to fix it — “insanity.”

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