William A Williams: Retirement community might work at 3303 Broadway

I would like to say the proposal to build luxury apartments at 3303 Broadway illuminates a long-term deficiency in Boulder’s approach to the need for affordable housing.

I find it hard to believe that the creation of a discordant collection of maxi and mini apartments will do anything towards alleviating the need for low-income housing in Boulder. Rather, these apartments target the wealthy, single resident. Rental rate per square foot is stratospheric. There is no possibility of squeezing a low- or mid-income family into 425 square feet. We need to provide a real neighborhood of family housing; there are examples of this in Boulder.

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Truth about the Co-op Ordinance

Rebecca Davies stated in her letter of 12/30: “There is no reason that a co-op with six unrelated people will be more disruptive to a neighborhood than a house with two adults and four children who are all related.” Most neighborhood residents would agree that a co-op with six residents could be tolerated. Unfortunately, that’s not what the ordinance that the City Council intends to pass on Tuesday (1/3) is about. The new rules would allow twelve to fifteen unrelated adult residents to occupy a house as small as 2,000 square feet – and that is certain to be more disruptive than almost anything that would normally be permitted in a residential neighborhood. Continue reading “Truth about the Co-op Ordinance”