Report from Planning Board Meeting January 19th

The Boulder Planning Board’s time on January 19, 2017 was spent on two subjects:

CU South

After hearing from 15 or more speakers, the board discussed their concerns/questions, identified several things that staff needs to address (from the quality & value of the CU/Flatirons Co. levee to the stability of the cliff on the West side of the property to whether we should plan for a 100 or 200 year flood), and agreed on a message for City Council (to be delivered at their joint Tues meeting). I did not take notes, but one major point is the need to address the BVCP guidance re NON-STRUCTURAL APPROACHES vs. a “High-Risk Dam” (an official category) that may or may not save lives in a more-than-hundred-year flood. There seemed to be consensus (as I understood it) that the only leverage with CU would be in real negotiations based on annexation AND flood control.

BVCP Policy drafts re housing/land use

Staff previewed the presentation for the joint City Council / Planning Board Study Session on January 24th, based on the results of their survey, meetings/workshops, and planning Board deliberations and I was delighted to see, among other things: a pilot of neighborhood plans, addressing the jobs–housing imbalance by changing some of the workplace zoning to residence or mixed zoning, and affordability of housing.

I think there will be things presented in the Tues meeting to be happy about. All the hard work of the Planning Board & BNA have, in my opinion, made a difference!

THE VIDEO of the meeting is here: