University Hill School – 1/18/17 CBOC Meeting Report

A report from the BVSD Citizens’ Bond Oversight Committee (CBOC) meeting on January 18, 2017, regarding the potential sale of the University Hill Elementary School to CU.
Dear Neighbors,
Thank you to Celeste Landry for monitoring and spearheading challenge to possible loss of University Hill Elementary School.
Ten neighbors attended and spoke.
As a result of the testimony Committee is recommending to School Board that since there is community awareness of proposed changes they conduct further “listening” sessions to garner public input.

We learned that BVSD has had preliminary discussions with CU to sell Uni-Hill and use the money to build a combined elementary school / high school at New Vista. BVSD is currently working with architects to conduct a Site fit and feasibility analysis to support additional development (at New Vista).

Don Orr, Chief Facilities Officer listed many “deficiencies ” with Uni Hill School that neighbors who are acutely familiar with school programming disagree with. He also said that if the feasibility analysis comes back as a non-starter this could all be moot.
It is crucial that we as neighbors stay active and aware of this issue and you can trust that Celeste and I will keep you informed.
Steven Walsh