Amy Siemel: Not so fast on CU South annexation

In his Feb. 20 column in the Daily Camera, “Full annexation makes sense at CU South,” Jim Martin, former University of Colorado regent, argues that annexation of the CU South property would be beneficial for all stakeholders, including the city, the county, local residents and the university.I respectfully disagree.

Mr. Martin writes that the city would benefit from full annexation because it could then work with CU to provide badly needed flood mitigation for downstream residents. Implicit in this idea is that the university bears no responsibility for flood mitigation on its own property and that the moral and financial burden for such should fall entirely upon the city and its taxpayers. What’s more, CU appears to be using the city and county’s rightful desire to protect their citizens from catastrophic flooding as leverage in its quest to eventually develop the land. This prioritizing of CU’s interests over the well-being of nearby residents is not new.

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