Boulder extends height-limit ordinance for 15 months – Boulder Daily Camera

Boulder developers who for the last two years have been barred from putting up buildings taller than 40 feet won’t regain the privilege for at least another 15 months.

In an 8-1 vote in which Bob Yates represented the lone voice of dissent, the Boulder City Council on Tuesday night decided that the city’s two-year moratorium on taller buildings, which expires in April, should be extended until July 19, 2018.

The 11:25 p.m. vote followed a lengthy public hearing in which 39 people had lined up to offer comments on the matter. An additional 132 emailed the council on Tuesday alone, Mayor Suzanne Jones said.

A strong majority of those who wrote or spoke to the council favored the extension, and a recent Boulder Valley Comprehensive Plan Survey … also showed that nearly three in four respondents opposed allowing taller buildings in an expanded portion of Boulder.

“Who are you in office to represent?” asked Jan Trussell. “The people of Boulder or for-profit commercial developers?”

“Can you imagine Boulder without the mountain views?” Lisa Spalding asked. “One glance up can make you forget whatever frustration you are dealing with at street level.”

Ruth Wright, the author of the 55-foot height limit approved by voters more than 45 years ago, implored the council to keep its regulations in place.

“I’m worried that the historic buildings which have made the (Pearl Street) Mall such a success are going to be torn down because people can build high-rise buildings,” Wright said.

“And then there are the behemoths going up on Canyon and 28th. … There’s something going on here that is jarring our sensibilities.”



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