Building Height Moratorium extended until July 2018

At the March 7th 2017 City Council meeting, the Boulder City Council voted to extend the city’s temporary moratorium on buildings taller than 35 feet for another 15 months, until July 19, 2018.

Thanks to over 30 people who came to speak in person, plus hundreds of emails, the Council decided not to cave in to extreme pressure from the Chamber of Commerce and mega-growth lobbyists like Better Boulder to let the moratorium expire now.

Council also disregarded the opinions of 71% of Boulder citizens who were in favor of making the moratorium permanent, according to a recent survey conducted by the city staff (see page 16), and instead approved only a temporary extension of the moratorium.

At least they’ve extended it beyond this year’s City Council elections. So there’s a chance this fall to elect some new council members who might actually pay attention to their citizens’ input.

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Watch the Building Height Discussion from the 3/7/17 Council Meeting: