Denver Plans Its Future, Neighborhood By Neighborhood –

A model for Boulder to consider? From Boulder Councilman Sam Weaver: “I would like to draw your attention to a local example of a subcommunity planning process operating in Denver that I hope we can replicate here in Boulder to get grassroots input into our planning efforts.  It is a way of managing process that I think can give more certainty for both developers and the residents in the areas near impending development.

Officially speaking, Denver contains 78 neighborhoods. Currently, 42 percent of them don’t have neighborhood plans, which are supposed to address everything from land use to transportation on a micro level. Most of the plans that do exist are more than 15 years old—and 15 years ago, Denver developers barely registered places like LoHi and RiNo. (The city still doesn’t recognize these districts as official ’hoods.) But under our cumbersome planning model, it would take nearly 80 years to upgrade or create blueprints.

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