Bear Creek Flood Prevention in Frasier Meadows and Martin Acres

Bear Creek, 9/12/2013

The Bear Creek Flood Prevention Plan was approved by City Council in February 2017. Now, it’s time to obtain funding approval. That starts with a funding review by the Water Resources Advisory Board (WRAB) on April 17, 2017, at 6:00 pm. If the funding is approved by WRAB, the plan will be forwarded to Council for further review. This info pertains to any neighborhood along Bear Creek.

The Bear Creek mitigation project is estimated to cost $11,000,000 and will provide protection for us from a statistical 100 year flood. This means that Bear Creek may flood once every 100 years. Engineering Consultants have determined that Bear Creek, between US 36 and Baseline Road, currently has just a 2 year flood expectancy. This means presently it statistically may flood once every 2 years.

The Flood Prevention Plan for Bear Creek is quite simple and easy for all of us to understand. It primarily consists of enlarging culverts, removing trees and bushes from the stream bed, deepening and widening the stream bed, and creating a recessed grassy dry flood plain east of Williams Village to catch overflow.

The plan isn’t far-out rocket science; it’s conventional engineering. It simply creates an adequate size channel to contain the creek during high flow to prevent flooding our homes.

The $11,000,000 cost of the Bear Creek project is part of a $172,000,000 project to repair and/ or prevent all of the 2013 flood damage throughout the city. Consequently, there is much concern as to which projects may be funded first, or even if they will ever be funded. At this time the city doesn’t know the source of the necessary funds.

The Bear Creek project needs a lot of strong visible support from many of our affected residents to show that the project is absolutely necessary. If residents don’t show up at WRAB and Council meetings to show support, the decision makers tend to move on to the next better supported project. Too bad for us.

During the 2013 flood there were 1,500 Boulder homes flooded with ugly sewage which backed up from the main sewage lines. Most of the backups occurred in SE Boulder. The primary cause of sewage backing up was Bear Creek and South Boulder Creek overflowed and lifted off manhole covers, then the creeks flowed into the open sanitary sewers. The sewers were then filled and backed up into our homes. If the creeks had not overflowed there would not have been any sewage in our homes. It’s simple to see that flood-proofing Bear Creek is our first line of defense for de-pooping our homes. The many health consequences of sewage and mold in our homes are astronomical.

The city has provided written info stating that “if the Bear Creek project is not approved for funding now during this present funding review cycle, it will likely be 80 to 100 years before there will be another opportunity to do so”. Are we willing to help ourselves and our neighbors? If not now – in 100 years?

You are needed to help on Monday, April 17, at 6:00 pm. The location is 5050 Pearl Street (Old Pearl – see map). Enter the door near the flag pole.

The WRAB meeting is rather informal. If you wish to speak at the meeting, please sign up a few minutes before 6:00. It’s extremely important that we have many residents attending the meeting so WRAB can see we’re interested in the Bear Creek project to eliminate flooding and sewage from entering our homes. There really isn’t much to say about the technical aspects of the plan, that’s already been established. Our voices and attendance need to blend together as cheer leaders saying “PLEASE DO IT, GET IT DONE”. We hope to see you there.