Stacey Goldfarb: Residents rightly dismayed by growth

A Boulder pro-growth advocate regularly tweets, “If you love your city, you should build more of it.” The tweeter’s perspective seems at odds with the reality of our finite world. Science everywhere confirms finite limits: resources, the amount of carbon our atmosphere can handle, and the population a bioregion can sustain.

Unfortunately, Boulder government often demonstrates a disregard for both facts and limits.No wonder citizens are uneasy. We look to our civic leaders, but hear only the policy equivalent of “More, more, more!” Many existing residents are rightfully dismayed. Council is essentially telling quiet single-family neighborhoods they must bear the responsibility for fixing the problem. Residents who simply want a peaceful existence in low-density single-family neighborhoods are vulnerable. All to fix the city’s self-created housing “crisis.”

Source: Stacey Goldfarb: Residents rightly dismayed by growth – Boulder Daily Camera