Co-Op Housing Applications start next week!

Nine simple steps - just follow the path you see before you.
It’s very simple, really! Just make a deal with Lincoln Miller (at Boulder Housing Coalition – the only “ECHO” in town so far).

Beginning June 1, 2017 prospective applicants will be able to download the applications online from the Applications and Forms Database or by obtaining a hard copy at 1739 Broadway on the third floor. Please search or ask for the “Administrative Review Application Form” and attachment document.

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Stacey Goldfarb: Supporting real affordability

Chloe Pachovas’ May 11 letter suggested that ultra high occupancy co-ops are necessary for there to be artists and innovators in Boulder. Actually, Boulder’s low-density neighborhoods are filled with artists and innovators who abide by the zoning regulations. If Pachovas attended an “Open Studios” tour, she might be surprised at the number of participating artists in low-density neighborhoods.

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Carol Seeley-Teboe: A series of nightmares

Boulder’s City Council has approved the beginnings of ghetto living, I mean communal living, wherein the possible criminal elements living under the auspices of “love,” “peace,” “flower children,” “happy-happy for everyone” threat is very real, scenic neighborhoods that have made Boulder”s reputation so popular with tourists globally being not just in jeopardy of, but virtually destroyed by clusters of 15 arrogant adults (?) crammed into one-bathroom homes. There used to be set limits on the number of unrelated residents here.

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