Steven Telleen: Build-baby-build has never made housing more affordable – Boulder Daily Camera

There is no question that the cost of single-family housing has become a problem in Boulder. But it is not just a Boulder problem.

Source: Steven Telleen: Build-baby-build has never made housing more affordable – Boulder Daily Camera

Bill Kellogg: Is city planning data-based, or social engineering?

I attended two city-sponsored planning sessions recently and have been thinking of them since. I thank the planners for involving the public as they continue their social engineering for the city…

Why do planners want to destroy what works? I am afraid it is brought to us by the same people who introduced last year’s Folsom debacle. Bicycles have their best path in Boulder one block south of Canyon. It runs east-west for miles. Why add bicycles to the well traveled Boulevard? … Spending money to create spaces where people will do what planners think they should do — bike, walk — and not what people do do — drive — is expensive and counter-productive. Leave what works alone unless there is extensive data to support minor corrections…

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John Roberts: Greenwashing greed

Density. Density. Density. We’re told this is the byword of the new environmentalism. It really means: Crowding. More crowding. Overcrowding. Trouble is, the environment that density proponents claim to speak for can’t hack it.

Views of the Flatirons, the foothills and Indian Peaks belong to all of us. Views of hulking cereal box buildings belong to Ambien pushers who want us fast asleep so we won’t notice that their only green initiative is to increase the density of green wads in their pockets.

Fists full of dollars

Wake up! Our environment-crushing overpopulation must slow down. Remember Will Toor and John Tayer thrusting their fists in the air to celebrate how dense they are. Vote for a council that will stop those fists full of dollars.

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Diagonal Armpit Project passes Planning Board – awaits City Council blessing

McKenzie Junction, the 20-acre strip of field surrounded by highways at Boulder’s northeast gateway, may finally be headed for development… But on Thursday just before midnight, the Boulder Planning Board approved a mixed-use plan brought forth by the same team that failed to win approval in 2015.

About 10 different neighbors of the site addressed the board on Thursday to air their complaints with what the developers, Allison Management and Trammell Crow Residential, working in conjunction with architect Coburn Partners, brought forth.

“It just doesn’t seem like a nice entrance into our Boulder town,” Gary Carmichael said. “There’s just too much density on this, and it needs to be lightened up.”

“We have horses, cattle, dogs, kids,” Erin Harding said. “To hear that it’s going to be an active area 24/7 is very disconcerting to us, because that’s not our lifestyle out there. … The density is everyone’s huge concern.”

“I simply feel this site cannot be mitigated into a situation of livability,” Rodger Ewy offered. “I’m very sympathetic to our need for housing… but I believe this would be another one of Boulder’s big mistakes.”

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