October 4th City Council Meeting

The official instructions about speaking at City Council meetings can be found here.  The official agenda for the October 4th City Council meeting is here.  According to this agenda, the discussion of the Co-op Ordinance will start around 7:55 PM, but there’s no guarantee that the schedule will be kept.  The City Council meetings are at the Municipal Building, at the southwest corner of Canyon and Broadway.

  • There are two different opportunities to speak at the council meeting: “Open Comment”, which comes first, can be about anything except what’s scheduled for public hearing, and then “Public Hearing” which for us is the Co-op Ordinance proposal.
  • Make sure you sign up to speak during the Public Hearing on Cooperative Housing, and not for one of the other topics, or for the Open Comment part of the meeting.  (If you do want to speak about a topic that is not directly about co-ops, then you could sign up for and speak during the Open Comment part of the meeting).
  • cropped-bna_logo_trans-1.pngSignup for the public hearing starts at 5:00 PM, and must be in person.   Anyone who wants to speak but not stay all night should come to the Municipal Building at 5:00 (or earlier) to sign up.   If you are able to stay later to speak, then there’s no hurry to sign up. Everyone who signs up will get a chance to speak, even if the meeting goes past the scheduled time. BNA will have folks at the Municipal Building to help you get signed in (look for the BNA logo).
  • You can come early to sign up in person, and then leave for dinner – as long as you are back in the building before your name is called.  Public testimony will probably begin around 8:00 PM, but could start earlier if some other agenda item gets dropped.  Plan on being back in the building by 7:30 if you signed up early.
  • Each person gets two minutes to speak, and unlike the recent presidential debate, it is strictly timed, with lights and a buzzer.  It is advisable to write down and practice your statement for timing – to avoid getting buzzed in the middle of a sentence.
  • Note that it is not necessary to fill the whole two minutes – the number of people who get up and speak out is just as important as the length of each speech – so even a brief statement carries a great deal of weight.
  • Note that if you have more to say than can fit into two minutes, the best thing to do is email your full statement to council@boulder.gov, and then give an abbreviated version of your statement at the meeting.
  • If you do have a longer statement to make, it is possible for three people to sign up together and pool their time, so that one of them can speak for a full four minutes.  All 3 people must be present to sign up and must be present at the time the speaker is called.  You will be asked whether you agreed to pool your time.
  • A speaker may give 10 copies of a printed statement to the Clerk as they come to the podium.  The Clerk will distribute the copies to the council members as you are speaking (keeping one for the record).
  • It would be great if we can have at least 4 or 5 people who are willing to stay as late as necessary to be “closers” – the last people to speak – so that our point of view is the last thing that Council hears before they begin their deliberations (at the May 17th hearing, we all showed up early, and the co-op proponents ended up getting the last words).  If you can do that, hold off on signing up until later in the evening.
  • For ideas about composing your statement, refer to the Questions to be asked and Talking Points on our Take Action on Co-ops page.
  • No applause, cheers, or other sound is tolerated during the hearing.  Please stay quiet while in the council chambers. We will be distributing some signs that people can hold up and wave to indicate your agreement with speakers.  You can always give “thumbs up” to statements you agree with.
  • There are several seats in the first four rows of the auditorium, which can be seen on camera behind the speaker’s podium.  We should try to fill those seats with BNA supporters, so that folks watching at home will see a crowd supportive of our positions and our speakers. Please try to get a seat in the first four rows (right side) if at all possible.
  • If you can’t attend the meeting, you can still watch at home on Channel 8, or stream it Live on the Web. If you sign up early and then leave for dinner, you can keep an eye on the live video for timing of when you need to come back.
  • Parking – you can park in any of the municipal lots on Arapaho or Canyon, between the Library and the Municipal Building.  If you arrive before 7:00 PM, be sure to enter your license plate number in one of the meter machines – parking is first 90 minutes free before 7:00, and all free after 7:00.