County Plan Commission To Reconsider Twin Lakes Vote

Call to Action!

Based on several irregularities and procedural breaches at the County final review hearing, TLAG has asked the Planning Commission to re-vote on the Twin Lakes land-use designations. The Planning Commission will discuss this request on Wednesday October 19 at 1:30 p.m. at the Boulder County Courthouse, 1325 Pearl St, 3rd Floor Hearing Room. Come if you can to show support. 

No public comment will be taken during this agenda item, but the public can speak during the agenda item on the Open Space Element, which happens to support a Greater Twin Lakes Open Space on multiple levels.

PLEASE ATTEND THIS MEETING IF YOU CAN! There will be no additional public comment for this specific item, but we need to show our support for reconsideration.

Melanie Whitehead: Twin Lakes and a sense of place

I’m not going to talk about another recent water-main break on Twin Lakes Road, Gunbarrel’s crumbling infrastructure, how inappropriate annexation is, traffic issues, flood issues, or the many disturbing ways the Boulder Valley Comprehensive Plan has been utterly comprised.

I have grown weary of people saying that the Twin Lakers are NIMBYs. In fact, Twin Lakes residents have a love and a rapport with this environment, these fields, that everyone should be striving to have. To take away these fields is to take away our hearts and the heart of Gunbarrel. As one prolific Twin Laker said, “This is our Chautauqua.”

Full Article: Melanie Whitehead: Twin Lakes and a sense of place – Boulder Daily Camera

Jessica G. Hartung: Squeezing citizens’ voices out of the comp plan

Instead of calling the Boulder Valley Comprehensive Plan “Our Plan” for our community, we should be calling it the “Developers’ Plan for Our Community” or the “Politicians’ Plan for Our Community.  The process to update the BVCP has created structural disenfranchisement of the very people it is supposed to serve. Repeatedly, as the plans are distilled, we are invited to “give input on” scenarios and options that aren’t what residents suggest, or want. Citizen preferences are collected, but are not included in the decisions; they are simply disregarded since they don’t fit with the current fast-growth agenda.

Full Story: Jessica G. Hartung: Squeezing citizens’ voices out of the comp plan – Boulder Daily Camera

TLAG’s response to BVCP staff recommendations for Twin Lakes


Recommendations unchanged despite public participation

TLAG calls for unbiased staff report 

Aug. 25, 2016

If community engagement made any difference, they wouldn’t let us do it. That’s the lesson Gunbarrel residents learned yesterday when the Boulder Valley Comprehensive Plan staff released their final recommendations of 14 units per acre for the Twin Lakes parcels.

“All of our concerns about misuse of public lands, wildlife, preservation of neighborhoods, hydrology and other serious problems with this development proposal fell on deaf ears,” says Twin Lakes Action Group chair Dave Rechberger. “They never authentically considered or addressed any of these issues and how they would affect residents. We ended up where we started.” Continue reading “TLAG’s response to BVCP staff recommendations for Twin Lakes”