The End of the Movie – Mark Wallach


When you discuss the future of Boulder with the various no-growth, slow-growth, responsible-growth folks who have become so active in recent months, it is pretty clear what they want: limited height, preservation of open space, and an evolutionary growth that envisions Boulder as a sophisticated, yet small municipality.

But in all of the columns and letters from the growth and density aficionados, what has not been clear is this: what is their ultimate vision for Boulder? What do they want the City to look like and feel like when all of the growth they desire comes to pass?

Now we know. Continue reading “The End of the Movie – Mark Wallach”

A Co-op Every 500 feet

The maps with circles that were shown at the October 11th City Council meeting were drawn incorrectly, giving a false impression of the actual density that City Council was legislating. ¬†For example, here’s what they showed for University Hill with 600-foot separation: Continue reading “A Co-op Every 500 feet”