2017 Council election (From the Editorial Advisory Board)

The Daily Camera “Editorial Advisory Board” touched on the upcoming City Council Election. Here are some opinions from the pro-growth, pro-coop members of that panel:

Cha Cha Spinrad: I live in a co-op and strive to have my life entirely encompassed by cooperatives. I also support Jan Burton. She isn’t afraid to speak her mind. She doesn’t care about maintaining her seat — she cares about positive impact while sitting in it. Last point: Jill Grano rocks.

Michelle Estrella: Burton walks the talk with diversity and will champion our tax dollars. McIntrye will take care of open space and understand small business. Grano is a breath of fresh air and wicked smart about housing. Rigler and Budd will keep our streets safe.

Source: From the Editorial Advisory Board: Council election – Boulder Daily Camera

Mark Wallach: Demand specifics, not platitudes, from council candidates

City Council election season is upon us and a boatload of candidates will be vying for your vote. I am not clairvoyant, but I can safely promise that they will all tell you that they favor diversity, inclusivity, affordable housing, resilience, preservation of neighborhoods, creation of walkable neighborhoods, open space is good, etc., etc. You will hear them at debates and meetings, and they will provide you with feel-good statements of intent with as few specifics as possible.

I call this candidate blather “Boulderspeak.”  The problem is that many voters have been complicit in this electoral dance, responding positively to expressions of purpose without detail, and making decisions based on superficial information, slogans and buzzwords. This is no way to select our leaders.

Full Story: Mark Wallach: Demand specifics, not platitudes, from council candidates – Boulder Daily Camera

Greenwood Village pro-growth ballot measure fails, 3 to 1

A ballot measure in a special election in Greenwood Village that would have allowed for taller buildings and denser development in the area surrounding Orchard Station failed Tuesday night.

6,092 of Greenwood Village’s approximately 15,000 residents voted in Tuesday’s election, with 1,479 voting in favor of the ballot measure and 4,613 against.