Boulder sets out to prove it can enforce co-op and occupancy laws – Boulder Daily Camera

With Boulder having passed a new law last week allowing people to form housing co-operatives, the City Council wants to prove now it can actually enforce the policy it spent a year crafting…

The city has no working estimate of how many co-ops are here beyond the three that have existed amid Boulder’s original co-op regulations,… For that matter, Boulder has no working estimate of how many housing units of any kind are over-occupied.

Source: Boulder sets out to prove it can enforce co-op and occupancy laws – Boulder Daily Camera

Boulder Rental License Database

The City of Boulder has recently published a complete database of all Licensed Rental Properties in the form of a CSV spreadsheet file.

You can find the official source here:

One great piece of information contained in this file is that rental property entries include a neighborhood field – so you can easily get a list of all the rental properties in a specific neighborhood (example: Martin Acres currently has 482 licensed rental properties in single-family structures).

We’ve converted that file into a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, making it easier to work with. The data set is quite huge – click on the icon at the bottom right corner of the window below to view it in a full-size browser window, or download it to your own computer.


Prying Eyes Are Watching Airbnb Customers as Tenants Fight Back

In a gentrifying neighborhood of San Francisco, a couple exit their cab and head toward an apartment, rolling suitcases behind them. Unbeknownst to them, a private investigator by the name of Michael Joffe sits in his parked car just across the street, discreetly snapping pictures. This is not a divorce case waiting to happen or an international spy caper. Nothing that salacious or mysterious. It is instead an episode that provides a window into how bitter the feud between struggling tenants and home-sharing websites like Airbnb Inc. has become. Joffe works for a tenant lawyer who in turns represents a family that was evicted from their apartment — the one that the couple was entering that day.

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Ken Beitel: Prevent a Boulder Ghost Ship

Investigations are underway as to why the city of Oakland failed to enforce occupancy laws in the tragic Oakland Ghost Ship fire that killed 36 people this month at an illegal artists co-op. Meanwhile the safety of Boulder residents along with taxpayers, the city of Boulder and City Council have been placed in legal and financial peril by council’s decision not to enforce illegal occupancy at rental properties in Boulder.

Full Story: Ken Beitel: Prevent a Boulder Ghost Ship – Boulder Daily Camera

The Oakland Fire: Why over-occupancy and adequate code enforcement should matter

A devastating fire. Thirty-six lives lost. A community reeling.

Less than one week after a blaze ripped through a ramshackle warehouse known as the Ghost Ship, this shocked city is grappling with an array of questions about what precisely happened, many of them deeply troubling.

• Could the city have done more to prevent the Ghost Ship fire? What did the city know about the violations at the warehouse? Did it follow up on citations?

• Should this tragedy result in more crackdowns on illegal housing in Oakland?

Full Story: The Oakland Fire: Delving Into What Happened, and Why – The New York Times

Reporting Short-Term Rental Violations

Here is the City of Boulder contact information for reporting complaints related to Short-Term Rental properties:

Kimberly Barnett
Short Term Rental Licensing Code Compliance
Telephone (direct line): (303) 441-4239

As you know, the City Council has now restricted short-term rentals to 20 days a month.  Today I attempted to file a complaint against a nearby property.  After many attempts, I finally found the person who handles short-term rental complaints.  Once I located her, Kimberly actually responded within a few hours.  However, she also stated the following and I quote her:

“The new ordinance regarding the 20-day section was just passed late Thursday night.  Up until now that has not been part of the code.  Our directors and City Attorney are working on interpretation, I have meetings scheduled this week for clarifications.  I may not have solid answers until sometime next week as our admin team works through this process this upcoming week.”