A.R. (Pete) Palmer: Flood mitigation urgently needed

The article about city annexation of the CU South property (“Residents wary of CU Boulder South annexation,” Daily Camera, Dec. 6), failed to include mention of the related issue of an urgent need to proceed with the South Boulder Creek Flood Mitigation Project along U.S. 36 that partially involves CU property. We were extremely lucky that no one died in the 2013 flood…

Read more: A.R. (Pete) Palmer: Flood mitigation urgently needed – Boulder Daily Camera

[Action] Meeting on Flatirons (CU South) Monday 12/5/16

CU South Community Meeting

CU South Meeting
Monday, December 5, 2016 | 6:00pm – 8:00pm
Location: CU East Campus SEEC, Auditorium C120

The city and CU will share new information and additional analysis for the CU South site. Residents will also have an opportunity to provide feedback and discuss issues through small group exercises.

Location Details
CU East Campus SEEC, Auditorium C120
4001 Discovery Dr. (Foothills & Colorado)
Boulder CO

From: Ben Binder
Sent: Wednesday, November 30, 2016 2:03 PM
Subject: BVCP Future Choices Forum – CU SOUTH

The city is in the process of updating the Boulder Valley Comprehensive Plan.

On Monday December 5th, there is a public meeting concerning updates to the BVCP plan for CU South, which CU wants to annex to the city.

There has been little public announcement for the meeting – it is not even shown on the city’s calendar of events.

At the last BVCP Future Choices Forum in South Boulder, five residents attended.

The city is going to use citizen comments from those meetings as input for updates to the comp plan, so it is very important for residents to attend.

Please get the word out.

Here’s a large PDF containing interesting documents about the old Flatiron Gravel Pits, which CU placed a 6’000 foot levee around and renamed CU South:   CU South: Flood Mitigation at the old Flatirons Gravel Pits

Ben Binder