An Open Letter to Jan Burton


Ms. Burton,

At last night’s council meeting you equated the suggestion of a neighborhood notification process to profiling. Judging by this comment as well as others you’ve made, I now believe I can easily make that same claim considering that you have “profiled” our neighborhoods for these co-op ordinances because they are not located in affluent sections of town, much like your own home on the hill is.

Your section of the hill will never be subject to co-ops Ms. Burton. How do I know this? Because I visited the Assessors website to see where your home is located. Over 6,000 square ft….well, technically over 7,000 if you include all the appurtenances like that large garage that, btw is over half the size of my own home here in Martin Acres. Why that garage alone is larger than that spacious (and largest) 320 ft. “Cube” offered on your tiny home website Rhinocubed, that you think other people should be happy living in.

In addition to that, you have been quoted as saying, ” I don’t believe living in an upper class white city supports Boulder’s progressive values.”

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