Ari Rubin: Expecting more from city government

On April 28, 2016, the southeast Boulder neighborhood participated in a meeting regarding the proposed zoning change of Hogan-Pancost….the developer, who had not fared well during his presentation, pulled his request. He patiently waited, and waited.

Finally, a year later, his patience paid off. On March 21, 2017, City Council offered pro-growth real estate attorney Peter Vitale a seat on Planning Board. Low and behold, a new meeting regarding the proposed zoning change was announced to be held on May 4, 2017, shortly after appointment…

On April 25, it was announced that … Peter Vitale would not be able to make the Planning Board meeting of May 4. Because of this, city staff made the decision to take the proposed zoning change of Hogan-Pancost off the May 4 agenda.

Although this is all very legal, it is also very wrong. Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart once said: “Ethics is knowing the difference between what you have a right to do, and what is right to do.”

Will one of our leaders stand up and do what is right? The citizens of Boulder both expect and deserve so much more from our government.

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The Hogan-Pancost Development Proposal

Hogan-Pancost is a 22 acre parcel of vacant land in Southeast Boulder, immediately to the south of the East Boulder Community Center. Three different sets investors have been scheming to develop it for over 25 years!

The Southeast Boulder Neighborhoods Association (SEBNA) has successfully staved off development efforts for this entire time. But now, with the extreme pro-growth agenda in the City of Boulder, it is again in danger, perhaps more than ever. Both the City Council and now the Planning Board have been stacked in favor of extreme growth.

The parcel is in Zone II of the County, which currently allows for 2 homes to be built there. The current developer (the 3rd one) is working with the City to have the property annexed in to the City, making it eligible for the construction of well over 100 homes.

The hydrology in the area is very sensitive and the neighbors (and their hydrologist) believe that it is critical that this property remain as the catch basin for water during floods. The water table there is very high and variable and much of the surrounding area is in the 100 and 500 year flood plains. The area suffered extensively during the 2013 flood. Additionally, the City currently does not monitor or consider the water table when making development decisions. (They absolutely should.)

If development is allowed to occur, the Hogan-Pancost property will be elevated and it’s likely that the water will drain into the neighboring properties, jeopardizing the homes and lives of the nearby residents. This area should not be annexed but should remain in the County, zoned for very low or no development.

For more information visit the SEBNA website at, and also take a look at the City of Boulder’s Hogan-Pancost page.

Hogan-Pancost Property (Formerly the Boulder Creek Commons Project)

Description:  Upcoming meetings regarding a proposal to annex and develop the 22-acre Hogan-Pancost properties at 5399 Kewanee Road and 5697 South Boulder Road with Residential Low – 2 (RL-2) zoning. A revised Concept Plan (LUR2016-00076) was received this week by the Department of Community Planning and Sustainability and includes an updated layout and proposal to build 115 attached and detached units (50% as permanently affordable housing) served by new streets and alleys (see weblink below).

A previous annexation request was submitted by the applicant in 2006, but was withdrawn. The previous Site Review (submitted in 2012) did not proceed to City Council following a recommendation of denial by Planning Board and considering the 2013 flood event in Boulder. The latest annexation application, LUR2015-00093, was submitted in 2015 and is still active despite no action by Planning Board in 2016. The applicant has requested Planning Board and City Council consideration of the Annexation and Concept Plan applications in coming months. The tentatively scheduled public meetings are listed below.

Meeting Location: City Council Chambers, Municipal Building
1777 Broadway, Boulder, CO 80306

Upcoming Meetings: 

  • Thursday, May 4, 2017– 6 p.m.: Planning Board consideration of the Annexation and Initial Zoning application as well as the latest version of the Concept Plan.
  • Tuesday, June 6, 2017- 6 p.m.: City Council consideration of the first reading of an ordinance to annex the properties. This is not a public hearing item; however, interested parties may address City Council at the beginning of the meeting under “Public Participation.”
  • Tuesday, July 18, 2017- 6 p.m.: City Council public hearing on the Annexation and Initial Zoning application. The public will be invited to address the City Council as a part of the hearing. City Council will render a final decision on whether the property should be annexed.

Applicant: East Boulder Properties, LLC

Zoning: Boulder County ( RL-2, Residential Low- 2, proposed)

More Information: Questions or comments related to the project and process should be sent to Karl Guiler at or 303-441-4236.

Questions or comments related to the project and process should be sent to Karl Guiler or 303-441-4236.

Source: Hogan-Pancost Property (Formerly the Boulder Creek Commons Project)