Stacey Goldfarb: Supporting real affordability

Chloe Pachovas’ May 11 letter suggested that ultra high occupancy co-ops are necessary for there to be artists and innovators in Boulder. Actually, Boulder’s low-density neighborhoods are filled with artists and innovators who abide by the zoning regulations. If Pachovas attended an “Open Studios” tour, she might be surprised at the number of participating artists in low-density neighborhoods.

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Cara Luneau: Attention Homes project a misuse of public funds

The Boulder Planning Board held a public hearing Thursday night on the proposed $12.5 million Attention Homes residence for homeless young adults.

…There are many compelling reasons for us to reject this proposal. While many have already been written about, I will attempt to summarize them here:

The proposed transfer of public funds for this project from the city to a private equity firm (Gardner Capital) and to the Methodist Church is a betrayal of taxpayers…

The cost of the building far exceeds the cost of other “affordable housing” projects…

If approved the project will violate numerous building restrictions set in place to protect the historic Whittier neighborhood, including height, setback, parking, and density requirements…

As for the proposed residents of the building, Attention Homes plans to house 40 units’ worth of high-risk 18-24 year-olds. This age of young adulthood is unstable and characterized by reckless behavior in the best of circumstances…

There are four schools within a few blocks of 1440 Pine St.: Whittier Elementary, Sacred Heart, the YWCA Children’s Alley, and Casey Middle School. As a community we need to stand up for the safety of these young children, stand up for taxpayers, for the character of our downtown area, and for the Whittier neighborhood. We must not support this misuse of public funds but find a better way to address the needs of homeless adults…

The Planning Board should just say ‘No.’

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Spense Havlick: Health of Boulder at risk – Boulder Daily Camera

A city is a type of living organism with its physical and mental health sustained when its growth is in balance with its environment, and when its citizens are pleased with its present and future conditions. If you walk or bike around Boulder the recent and planned developments are signs of “urban obesity.” They are not in scale. Nor do they have the attractiveness of the Pearl Street Mall or the appeal of Mapleton Hill or Martin Acres.

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John DuGene: Let’s forget about the Boulder ‘brand’

Noteworthy in the last few weeks has been the coverage of making Boulder a “brand.” It seems we are no longer a community of human beings but have morphed into a brand. To be sold, exploited, manipulated, monetized, etc., which is what happens when people market brands. The essence of our community is being sold by our leaders (Council, Planning Board et. al.) to the highest bidder, further driving up housing prices and adding to our 60,000+ in-commuters. There are already far more jobs in Boulder than work-age adults to work them, yet the alliance of developers, Chamber of Commerce, and City Council continue to floor the accelerator on growth via our brand. And, on the recreation side, attractions such as Chautauqua are turning into over-use nightmares. This should be alarming, and I hope Boulder residents realize what is happening as we change from a city to a brand. To paraphrase the British: “The city is dead, long live the brand.” So sad. And unrecoverable. Just drive down “Box” Canyon Boulevard west of 28th and see the towering results on either side of you. Again, so sad, so unrecoverable. Let’s stop being a brand and return to being a city of human beings.

Source: John DuGene: Let’s forget about the Boulder ‘brand’ – Boulder Daily Camera

Why More Density and Market Rate Housing Won’t Result in Lower Cost Housing in Boulder | PBC

Subject: RE: Articles regarding Inclusionary Housing (This letter to the council member was publicly posted) Dear Jan Burton: Thanks for sharing these articles of various points of view that will c…

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