Despite flood concerns, Boulder moving toward a CU South annexation – Boulder Daily Camera

Any potential development of the 308-acre CU Boulder South parcel is still years away, but to the delight of the university and the dismay of those concerned about flood risk on the property, it’s inching closer to fruition.Earlier this week, members of the Boulder City Council and Planning Board gave city staff the go-ahead to draft proposed changes that would redesignate the allowable land uses on the site. The move was made by the two bodies, via 13 yes votes and two “maybe” votes from Councilwoman Lisa Morzel and Planning Board member Liz Payton, in the context of the continuing 5-year update to the Boulder Valley Comprehensive Plan.

Source: Despite flood concerns, Boulder moving toward a CU South annexation – Boulder Daily Camera

Alpine-Balsam Community “Workshop”

January 18th is a very important meeting about the future of the former Boulder Community Hospital site at Balsam and Broadway. The City planners are hosting an “interactive community workshop” which you can read about HERE.

The early envisioning of possible uses for this site is very important: citizens should demand that the City use the property it already owns (like Alpine-Balsam) for affordable housing, co-ops, high-density, etc.  Why is that important?  Because if they don’t, then all these things will wind up in our neighborhoods instead.

The former hospital site is ideal because it’s not really in a neighborhood, per se. Three of its four sides are not residential zoning, and its fourth side, across Balsam, is abutted by only five houses, two of which are on double lots, with the extra lot buffering them from Balsam and the hospital site.  While not perfect, this former hospital site is better than most other possibilities we’ve seen. Particularly if doing the City’s “experimental” housing there will offload some of the pressure to do it inside neighborhoods.

When: Wednesday, Jan. 18, 5:30 to 8:00 PM,
Where: First Presbyterian Church (1820 15th St.) see map

The City’s Notice for this event:
Enhanced Science Fair

Members of the community are coming together to shape the vision for Alpine-Balsam, the project to redevelop the Boulder Community Health (BCH) – Broadway Campus site, which the city purchased in 2015.

What’s New?

Join a community workshop to brainstorm and weigh different uses of the Alpine-Balsam site.

The activities will use the following preliminary set of guiding principles, which are based on site analysis and community input collected to date:

  • Create a place with a vibrant mix of uses
  • Build in affordability and sustainability
  • Respect and respond to the site’s physical environment

Learn more about the project, review community feedback and preliminary guiding principles, and see how you can get involved by visiting the Alpine-Balsam project website.

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Boards and Commissions – Apply Now!

The City of Boulder is now taking applications for board memberships.

Annual recruitment for positions began on Jan. 4 and will run through Feb. 13 at 5 p.m. Volunteers appointed to serve on a board or commission help City Council examine issues and, in turn, shape the future of Boulder. Group interviews for the 2017 applicants to Boards and Commissions will be held in 1777 West Conference Room of the Municipal Building and will take place on: Thursday, March 9; 6-9 p.m. Tuesday, March 14; 6-9 p.m. Thursday, March 16; 6-9 p.m.

More details and application forms at City Of Boulder: Boards and Commissions

Public Comment on Co-ops Jan 3rd

Take Action Now!

A citizen speaks at City Council meetingThe next hearing on the proposed Cooperative Housing Ordinance will be at the Council’s regular meeting on Tuesday, January 3rd, 2017.  This will be the Third Reading of the ordinance – in theory, they should only be considering changes from what was discussed in their December 6th meeting.  The January 3rd meeting will include hearing comments from the public (see below).

NEWOfficial Agenda Packet for 1/3/17

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Boulder will take public comment at co-op hearing Jan. 3 – Boulder Daily Camera

The Boulder City Council will take yet another round of public comment on the city’s new co-operative housing ordinance. By a unanimous vote, the council moved late during its meeting Tuesday night to take comment during its third reading of the ordinance, which is scheduled for Jan. 3, according to City Attorney Tom Carr.

Read More: Boulder will take public comment at co-op hearing Jan. 3 – Boulder Daily Camera

Co-op ordinance is draconian

Dear City Council,

I am voicing my concern regarding the upcoming vote on co-ops. I can’t believe that you are actually considering such a sweeping, game-changing ordinance! My understanding is that this is a done deal except for some possible tweaking. I won’t go into all the arguments and details against it that have been so eloquently stated in letters and commentaries like the one recently by Steve Pomerance. From what I’ve read in the paper, the ordinance is draconian and could drastically change the neighborhoods that we citizens have fought so hard to improve and maintain. For example, I bought my house on West Arapahoe in 1975. It was affordable back then because it was rundown, only 850 sqft and was on a busy street. Continue reading “Co-op ordinance is draconian”