Jeff Flynn: Boulder needs balance, not just development

Boulder, like Denver, is undergoing enormous change. The pendulum has now swung too far in the direction of development. A balance has to be restored.

Source: Boulder needs balance, not just development – Denver Post

ALERT: Developer seeks zoning change at 3303 Broadway (The People’s Clinic)

On December 1st at 6:00 P.M. at the Municipal Building at 1777 Broadway, the Planning Board will have a public hearing and then decide whether or not to recommend approving a developer’s proposal at 3303 Broadway (formerly known as The People’s Clinic) for 50 units and commercial/retail space. The developer is requesting a zoning change from “public” to RH-2, despite the Planning Department’s rejection of her proposal. Continue reading “ALERT: Developer seeks zoning change at 3303 Broadway (The People’s Clinic)”

Harold Hallstein: Palo and Planning Board: A neighbor’s perspective

Boulder’s Planning Board recently approved a 44-unit development at 4525 Palo Parkway over a multi-stakeholder solution seeking 35 units and additional preserved riparian zone. The public should understand the special treatment afforded to the developer on this particular project.

Also known as “Dedicated Outlot E,” 4525 Palo Parkway was sold in 1986 for $10 by Pinecrest Homes Inc. to Boulder Valley School District for school purposes to serve the local community. For 29 years, the land remained platted under this dedication for school use only. Despite clear county code (both current and 1984 applicable code) the land was passed ultimately to Boulder Housing Partners without public hearings or formal vacation proceedings required for dedicated school lands. Both Planning Commission and Parks and Open Space Advisory Board were required to review the sale. Colorado Open Records Act requests show these reviews were never held. Despite a formal objection filed by the community, the city and county have declined to provide any material analysis or code legitimizing this taking of public lands and its subsequent transfer to a residential real estate developer.

Full Story: Harold Hallstein: Palo and Planning Board: A neighbor’s perspective – Boulder Daily Camera

Urgent: Boulder Valley Comprehensive Plan at Planning Board

Take Action Now!

This Thursday, 9/15, the Boulder Planning Board will be reviewing the Boulder Valley Comprehensive Plan policies.  Several members of the Planning Board intend to bring up a “slow the growth” policy, but they need public support!  Specifically, they need folks to speak up in support of “Policy Option D” (read about it here). Continue reading “Urgent: Boulder Valley Comprehensive Plan at Planning Board”

Urgent: Boulder Valley Comprehensive Plan Open House

Boulder Valley Comprehensive Plan Open House and Advisory Board Workshop

One of most important meetings of the year will be this coming Monday:

Monday, August 29th
5:30 PM to 6:30 PM
First Presbyterian Church
1820 15th Street (map)

This is a significant opportunity to weigh in on three different proposed growth scenarios within the Boulder Valley Comprehensive Plan.  Incredibly, the City announced this with just a few days’ notice.

We really need to pack the room with as many BNA participants as possible.

One of the scenarios they will present is to add another 19,000 new jobs to Boulder and 6,750 new housings units.  Incredibly, this scenario will do nothing to ease any of Boulder’s current problems and in fact, will add to them.  It means losing ground on the housing front and having an 12,250 net additional in-commuters, which will only add pressure on housing, and our neighborhoods’ roles in “solving the housing crisis.”

The City’s senior planner who presented this scenario said she “hadn’t heard that there was concern in the community about adding more jobs.”  (Reality check: we have made this point, repeatedly.)

So please, everyone, let’s show up on Monday.  As many of us as possible need to say to City staff at the event, write on feedback forms at the event, etc, that Boulder does not need more jobs.  We already have tens of thousands more jobs than workforce age adults to work them.   A Comprehensive Plan strategy to add more jobs at this point will only markedly increase every measurable strain on our community.  But it very well may happen, unless we say something.

Click here for the full agenda.   Note, the first hour of the event (5:30-6:30) is the public open house.  The rest of the evening (6:30-8:30) is the Joint Advisory Board Meeting, which is open to the public, but there will be no public input during that session.

See also the city’s official website for this event.  You can also email your feedback to the Comp Plan team at

See you on Monday!

Lori Schneider: Co-ops: a logical suggestion

Observing the debate over density and co-ops unfold, one thought keeps coming back to me: On April 21, Liz Payton, Planning Board vice-chair, suggested directing co-ops to downtown and converted commercial industrial space.

Source: Lori Schneider: Co-ops: a logical suggestion – Boulder Daily Camera