The Academy at Mapleton Hill

URGENT: Please consider signing the letter at against the colossal development at 311 Mapleton, the site of the former Mapleton Hospital. The deadline is May 3rd – we don’t have much time.

Developers are proposing a large-scale, for-profit, residential senior housing and care campus for 300 individuals at 311 Mapleton Avenue (the old Boulder Community Health property located at 4th and Mapleton). As proposed at Concept Review, the new 16-building facility with 407 parking spaces will operate around the clock, seven days a week. Residents of the Mapleton Hill neighborhood have organized to express their concerns regarding the planned development of the 15-acre former hospital site, and are working with city staff, the Planning Board, City Council, the developers, and residents to protect the neighborhood character.

Mapleton Hill residents believe this application fails to meet the following Use Review Criteria as required for approval which are described in Section 9-5-2 “Zoning Districts” B.R.C. 1981.


  • Be reasonably compatible or have no negative impact on surrounding properties
    because of its location, size, design and operating characteristics
  • Assure no change in the predominant character of the surrounding area
  • Foster historic preservation, moderate income housing, or residential and non-residential
    mixed use as required by the Boulder Valley Comprehensive Plan
  • Provide direct service or convenience to or reduce adverse impact on the neighborhood
  • Guarantee there will be no significant adverse affects on the infrastructure of the
    surrounding area including water, waste water and storm drainage utilities and streets
zoning map of 311 Mapleton site

More details can be found at

  • View the developers’ proposal at:
    Choose “Land Use Review” on the left hand side of the page. Choose the Mapleton project by
    clicking on the large green shape on the map and then choose “Documents.” A list will appear.
    Choose “LUR2017-00027 – Development Review.”
  • Send your comments to the City Planning Department (Deadline is Wednesday, May 3, 2017)
    Elaine McLaughlin, Senior Planner. Email.
  • Add your name to our letter at by May 3rd.

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