Take Action on Co-ops Now

The co-op packs 'em inWhat is the “Co-op Ordinance?”

The Boulder City Council has been working on a new Housing Co-op Ordinance since the beginning of 2016.  This ordinance will allow groups of up to 15 adults to live in a single house in any neighborhood.  It will grant a blanket exemption to residential zoning codes to any group who can claim to “live cooperatively”.  And in some cases, a housing co-op may be exempted from paying property taxes, adding to the tax burden on homeowners. This ordinance will have a major impact on your neighborhood and your quality of life.  More details about this pending legislation can be found here: The Cooperative Housing Proposal.

City Council is getting close to finalizing this ordinance, and so far they have ignored concerns from the Boulder residents who have spoken up and raised questions and issues about it.   Your action is needed to get Council to pay attention and change the direction they are going with this.


What can I do about the co-op ordinance?

So far, we have had hundreds of people write to and speak to the City Council about this issue. Apparently, that’s not enough to get them to pay attention.  We need thousands of voices writing, speaking, SHOUTING, to get them to stop and listen.  And for that, we need to get the word out!


Tell your friends, neighbors, and fellow citizens of Boulder about this, by clicking one of the “Share This” buttons below, to send it by email or to share it on Facebook. Or helps us distribute copies of our co-op informational flyer – we need to cover the entire city.


Send email to City Council at council@bouldercolorado.gov and tell them what you think about this proposed ordinance.  Your email can be simple, brief and to the point, for example:

Dear City Council:

I oppose the new co-op housing ordinance.  Co-ops with 12 to 15 people just do not belong in the low and medium density neighborhoods of Boulder.  Rental and non-profit-operated co-ops are inherently bad ideas.  Please do not enact this ordinance!

Of course, you could also compose a longer and more specific email to express your own concerns. You can refer to BNA’s Positions on the Co-op Ordinance 3rd Reading (Jan. 3, 2017) for ideas of what to write.


Write a Letter to the Editor or Guest Opinion to the Boulder Daily Camera, or the Boulder Weekly.  We have some instructions on how to write and submit a letter, on our Take Action page. You can use the same points as you included in your email to City Council (above).


If you haven’t already done so, click on the button below to view and sign BNA’s petition to say “NO” to Boulder’s proposed co-op ordinance.





Be ready to attend City Council meetings where the Co-op Ordinance is going to be discussed.   The next meeting is tentatively scheduled for January 3rd.  Sign up for BNA’s Announcements newsletter, in order to get updates on the Co-op proposal and other issues.

Read More about Boulder’s The Cooperative Housing Proposal, and BNA’s Positions on the Co-op Ordinance.