Andrew Baron: Austin did development wrong 

After 13 years in Manhattan, I moved to Boulder 2 1/2 years ago and love it.  … Height ordinances, open space ordinances and other “well-being” types of ordinances are critical to maintaining what makes Boulder special and should not be considered to necessarily result in higher prices and limited availability.

Source: Andrew Baron: Austin did development wrong – Boulder Daily Camera

Ruth Wright: Boulder has worked to preserve its beauty

In a recent editorial, Dave Krieger stated: “Boulder is the crown jewel of one of America’s most attractive metropolitan areas . Although there are those in town who would like to take credit for this status, it is actually owed to a fabulous natural setting that is the work of God or nature, depending on your view.”

Most of us agree that we live in a fabulous natural setting. We do not presume to have created it. However, we have spent time and treasure in protecting and preserving it.

In September 1971 the city council adopted an ordinance to permit up to 50 buildings 140 feet high downtown and east to the Arapahoe and Crossroads Shopping Centers ! However, the citizens had already gathered enough signatures to put the 55-foot charter amendment on the November ballot. And the rest is history.

Source: Ruth Wright: Boulder has worked to preserve its beauty – Boulder Daily Camera