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BVSD explores selling the Uni Hill Elementary campus to CU

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In March 2016 the superintendent of Boulder Valley Schools announced that the school district was exploring the possibility of selling the University Hill Elementary campus to the University of Colorado.  The funds from the property sale plus bond money allocated for Uni Hill Elementary and New Vista High School would be used to construct a new Uni Hill School and a new New Vista High School, both on New Vista’s current campus.

The bond improvements to the current Uni Hill and New Vista schools, which Boulder Valley voters approved in 2014, were put on hold until March 2017. Time is running out for the district to make a potentially historic and irreversible decision.

The BVSD superintendent has repeatedly promised to engage the community in this proposal.  So far, he has failed to do so.  Serious, well-documented concerns have been expressed by Historic Boulder, the League of Women Voters, the Uni Hill Neighborhood Association, members of the Uni Hill school community, and other stakeholders, yet BVSD officials have not shared details of the long-term plan nor have they encouraged public input.

In May at a BVSD/CU Collaboration Team meeting, discussion of the possible sale of the Uni Hill campus was not allowed.  The Daily Camera reported that, “Teachers, staffers, parents and students at New Vista and Uni Hill are feeling uneasy about the potential changes that would come with the real estate deal.”

In July the League of Women Voters expressed their concern that the potential sale of the school was a significant departure from the bond projects that voters had approved in 2014. A League representative said they needed to “make sure that the public is aware of the plans and [make sure that] the school district is up front with the community.” The superintendent responded that, “The community would have the opportunity to comment to the [school] board publicly at the [two separate public school board] meetings” held “if BVSD and the University decide to move forward with the sale of the University Hill property.”

In early November the superintendent announced that the district had commissioned a “feasibility study” by an architectural firm that was to be completed by early 2017. He added that he was “encouraging the two schools to start talking about potential program changes,” but BVSD leaders have also said that the appropriate time for stakeholders to provide public input is after the feasibility study is complete.

In December the Uni Hill Neighborhood Association requested to be included in discussions of the future of Uni Hill Elementary, but they have not yet been invited to do so.

In January 2017 Historic Boulder voiced their concern about the potential sale, noting that the University has “repeatedly demolished or removed buildings that were eligible for the National Register of Historic Places” and is not required to adhere to local landmark ordinances. Historic Boulder also asked to be included in the discussions of the future of Uni Hill Elementary.

Several letters to the editor and a guest opinion have appeared in the Daily Camera about this issue; there has been no published response from BVSD officials.  You can see all the publicly available information at the website.

What you can do

Concerned citizens who would like transparency of process and the opportunity to provide input before the decision is made to sell the school should contact the Boulder Valley School Board (, the Citizens’ Bond Oversight Committee (, and the Daily Camera (

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