Updates to the Boulder Valley Comprehensive Plan (BVCP)

The Plan

The Boulder Valley Comprehensive Plan (the BVCP) is used by the City of Boulder and Boulder County to guide long-range planning, the review of development proposals and other activities that shape the built and natural environments in the Boulder Valley.  The city and county are currently in the midst of making major updates to the BVCP.

Ideas behind the changes can be found at https://bouldercolorado.gov/bvcp.  Unfortunately, the changes proposed by the planning staff are buried in a mountain of “science fair” presentations and policy-speak.   It would appear that the staff is gearing up for Boulder to add 19,000 new jobs and only 6,750 new housing units. Astounding scenarios for “infill” and “increased density” are being presented.

But there is some hope, in the form of Policy Option “D”.

Policy Option “D”

At the Boulder Valley Comprehensive Plan Open House on August 29th, a new policy option was presented that had not been included in the materials prior to the meeting.  This was referred to as “Policy Option D“.  It’s not in the original presentations, but it can be found on Page 38 of the August 29th presentation package.  Policy Option D was presented as follows:

Analyzing benefits/impacts of Nonresidential Growth Management

  • As Residential Growth Management Strategy – Would limit future growth in nonresidential square footage (and jobs) to keep pace with residential
  • Applying to new nonresidential
  • Could work with any of previous scenarios

By “nonresidential,” they mean commercial, office, industrial, and research.  In other words: put the brakes on job growth in order to take some of the pressure off of the housing supply!

Tell the Boulder City Council, the Boulder Planning Board, and the Planning Staff that Policy Option “D” is the only sensible option being presented.