Eben Fodor: Response to New York Times article

Hi Cosima,

Thanks for sharing these articles. The July 4th front page article in the NYT about Boulder was reprinted in our local paper in Eugene as well today, so it was a huge PR success for developers seeking to undo decades of carefully crafted local policies so they can build more of everything anywhere. The article is actually a commentary and it is disappointing that the NYT editors would allow something like this to be in their paper, let alone portray it as objective news reporting and placed on the front page. It is a classic example of “data-free analysis” where sweeping generalizations are made about complex issues without the benefit of an actual supporting body of evidence or even a balanced treatment of the subject. There is nothing to indicate that the author is qualified to make such analysis. He fails to provide any actual evidence to support the inflammatory headline and instead, uses out-of-context quotes to try to support his storyline. This highly biased “article” would not have gone anywhere if the NYT had not lent its credibility to the poorly-done story.

I have lots more to say about this, but unfortunately don’t have the funding of developers, large corporations, or a group like the Nation Association of Realtors to pay me to write it.


Eben Fodor
Fodor & Associates LLC
Eugene, OR