Urgent: Boulder Valley Comprehensive Plan at Planning Board

Take Action Now!

This Thursday, 9/15, the Boulder Planning Board will be reviewing the Boulder Valley Comprehensive Plan policies.  Several members of the Planning Board intend to bring up a “slow the growth” policy, but they need public support!  Specifically, they need folks to speak up in support of “Policy Option D” (read about it here).

People can send email to the Planning Board before the Thursday meeting: boulderplanningboard@bouldercolorado.gov.  This email will go to all the planning board members.

People can also come to the meeting and and testify at the start of the meeting during the first part of the meeting:  “Public Speaking for items not on the agenda”.

There will be public hearings in October, but people need to weigh in now before things get too baked.  Having different people showing up during public speaking for items not on the agenda and writing council is very important for every Planning Board and Council meeting, when comp plan and housing strategy are not on the agendas. LTEs and Op-eds need to start flowing too.


When and Where: City Council Chambers, Thursday September 15, 2016 @ 6:00 PM, Municipal Building, 1777 Broadway Ave

Talking Points

Here’s what you can say in your email and testimony (paraphrase as you like):

Dear Boulder Planning Board:

  • RE: the Boulder Valley Comp Plan, please recommend Policy Option D, alone, out of the four “scenarios.”  It is the only one that seeks to limit non-residential (commercial) growth.  Boulder has an oversupply of jobs, by tens of thousands.  This, in turn, greatly stresses our housing market, which, in turn, puts quiet residential neighborhoods under great pressure to solve the City’s self-created crisis.
  • Boulder can do much to undo its housing crisis, by easing off its economic “over-stimulus” approach.  Let us return to a reasonable balance of jobs to population – not by swelling our population, but by easing off on the job front.  There can be too much of a good thing. Please bolster all provisions of the Comp Plan that preserve our neighborhoods’ unique characters.
  • Please build into the Comp Plan the requirement that all development in and around neighborhoods must be based on neighborhood plans, written by the actual neighborhood residents themselves (the people who best know the neighborhoods, and what impacts they can absorb).  We don’t want “sub-community plans,” in which many neighborhoods are all lumped together.  Sub-community plans are written by city planners and they do not allow the level of granularity necessary to really address neighborhood-specific issues.
  • Avoid any up-zoning changes to residential neighborhoods, whether real up-zoning, or de-facto up-zoning, such as allowing things like co-ops, tiny houses, more ADU’s etc., unless the neighborhood in question has expressed interest in these things, through its neighborhood plan process, by provable majority of neighborhood residents.
  • Lastly, remove the “squishy” language from the environmental protection section of the Comp Plan.  Remove the newly-inserted phrases that advise doing environmental protection: “whenever practical,” and “to the extent possible,” etc.  Environmental protection should be non-negotiable.

Thank you