A Co-op Every 500 feet

The maps with circles that were shown at the October 11th City Council meeting were drawn incorrectly, giving a false impression of the actual density that City Council was legislating.  For example, here’s what they showed for University Hill with 600-foot separation:


This is completely misleading, because they show the “buffer zones” not overlapping – effectively creating a separation of 1,200 feet, not 600.

The way that the separation requirement has actually been stated means these circles should overlap.   Here’s what a bunch of co-ops separated by 500 feet in the part of University Hill that’s zoned Residential Low-Density (RL-1) would really look like (as many as 19 co-ops!):

And here’s Martin Acres with Co-ops separated by 500 feet – there’s room for 47 co-ops in this neighborhood!