John Roberts: Homeowners are getting the bum’s rush on co-ops

Boulder homeowners, you’re getting the bum’s rush and being thrown out of due process on rezoning. City Council is the bum rusher, pushing a co-op ordinance that’s a major de facto up-zoning without calling it a zoning change. Under the guise of compassion, they’re siding with pro co-op blamers who call you a NIMBY if you object. They’re enabling self-described YIMBYs and developers who preach “yes” to degrading your invaluable quiet and privacy and parading their self-righteousness about it.

Full Story: John Roberts: Co-ops: Stand up for stability – Boulder Daily Camera

[Editor’s Note: A slightly different version of this editorial was sent as a letter to the Boulder City Council and published here at BNA as: A Different Frame for Co-op Debate]