Reporting Short-Term Rental Violations

Here is the City of Boulder contact information for reporting complaints related to Short-Term Rental properties:

Kimberly Barnett
Short Term Rental Licensing Code Compliance
Telephone (direct line): (303) 441-4239

As you know, the City Council has now restricted short-term rentals to 20 days a month.  Today I attempted to file a complaint against a nearby property.  After many attempts, I finally found the person who handles short-term rental complaints.  Once I located her, Kimberly actually responded within a few hours.  However, she also stated the following and I quote her:

“The new ordinance regarding the 20-day section was just passed late Thursday night.  Up until now that has not been part of the code.  Our directors and City Attorney are working on interpretation, I have meetings scheduled this week for clarifications.  I may not have solid answers until sometime next week as our admin team works through this process this upcoming week.”