Susan Lambert: Taking Twin Lakes dedicated land

In this myriad of broken agreements, broken rules and broken policies, it’s hard to decide which is the worst offense, but I choose the blatant abuse of dedicated lands owned by Boulder Valley School District. These dedicated lands were granted to BVSD as a county requirement of subdivision developers for one sole purpose: to build a school or park for the benefit of the contributing neighborhood. Period. If BVSD chooses not to build a school, then the land should serve as green space. Any other contrived use of dedicated lands should be considered stealing from the communities for which they were intended. Any other use would be breaking the agreement BVSD entered into when they took possession.

Source: Susan Lambert: Taking Twin Lakes dedicated land – Boulder Daily Camera

One thought on “Susan Lambert: Taking Twin Lakes dedicated land”

  1. What a clear and concise letter. The City is colluding with the County and BSVD to break the law and disregard the legal contracts entered into by the original dedicator.

    The Archdiocese should sue for fraud. They were presented information that was intentionally misleading in order to take the land.

    BSVD is engaged in ongoing public land heists. These people are acting just like the oil companies trying to steal BLM land and national forest for private gain.

    Don’t expect any response from the City or County Attorneys. Their strategy when they stole 4525 Palo Parkway for Boulder Housing Partners was to stonewall and assume the public couldn’t afford legal representation.

    That is the difficulty when people lacking a moral compass take over public offices – they use public funds to privatize public lands – and leave the community and environment holding the bag.

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