Table Mesa organizes, joins BNA

We’d like to introduce and welcome a new constituent member neighborhood to BNA: the newly-formed Table Mesa Neighborhood Association. Their website is at

Part of their neighborhood, on Stanford Ave., is concerned about an attempt to fast track, through the current Comp Plan update, an up-zoning from low density to medium density that may result in 55′ high maximum variance, dense housing right next to them.

I watched the Council meeting, where the residents protested this. Council ignored them, but I noted residents’ addresses. I later walked their neighborhood, speaking with them about BNA, and the importance of being organized at their neighborhood level, too.

Table Mesa is a huge expanse of primarily single family zoning, that heretofore has not been organized. I shared our Martin Acres Neighborhood Association (MANA) by-laws. In a very short time, they’ve formed the Table Mesa Neighborhood Association.

That’s the idea: the Boulder Neighborhood Alliance, as a city-wide, umbrella organization of specific neighborhood associations, and/or pockets of concerned citizens (in whatever way they’re organized). Through a common alliance, we’re stronger and more effective.