Co-op ordinance is draconian

Dear City Council,

I am voicing my concern regarding the upcoming vote on co-ops. I can’t believe that you are actually considering such a sweeping, game-changing ordinance! My understanding is that this is a done deal except for some possible tweaking. I won’t go into all the arguments and details against it that have been so eloquently stated in letters and commentaries like the one recently by Steve Pomerance. From what I’ve read in the paper, the ordinance is draconian and could drastically change the neighborhoods that we citizens have fought so hard to improve and maintain. For example, I bought my house on West Arapahoe in 1975. It was affordable back then because it was rundown, only 850 sqft and was on a busy street.

Over the subsequent 50 years, my wife and I have invested a LOT of money and time (we had to do much of the work ourselves) to bring it up to a quality home for our family. We have also invested a lot of time in neighborhood, Planning Board, and City Council meetings to drastically improve the street, creek path, and Eben G. Fine park area to what it is today. This has been done in many neighborhoods and is one of reasons Boulder has become so desirable. It seems you want to punish us for working so hard to make Boulder special.

Years ago we had a major battle with the city over a plan to put the skateboard park between Eben Fine and the Justice Center and this co-op fiasco reminds me of that battle, only on a much bigger scale. I think most people would agree that the skate park is now in the right location instead of stuck in a poorly accessible part of west Boulder with no parking and a dangerous Canyon Blvd. pedestrian crossing.  I remember going to the very first organized meeting regarding the skate park and it was clear the city considered it a done deal and we were there only to give input to the design. No discussion of the suitability of the location! This co-op plan smells very similar. We get the Daily Camera so we at least know something about it, but I would be willing to bet that the majority of citizens are not even aware of it or the reality and magnitude of what this ordinance could bring to our neighborhoods. Many people don’t get the paper anymore, and I don’t recall a single piece of mail from the city regarding this plan, much less that there is to be a vote on it next week!   In the words of one of your colleagues “why are you trying to cram this down their throats!”

I know we have an affordable housing issue, but this ordinance won’t come close to solving the problem, but will cause major negative changes in the neighborhoods. We have supported the majority of tax increases for open space, schools, affordable housing, and other city initiatives that keeps Boulder special.  Why are you trying to degrade our quality of life and to add insult to injury, make us make up the difference for taxes many of these co-ops won’t be paying?

Please vote NO on this!


Sidney A. Freudensetin