Developers to urge City Council to Call Up 3303 Broadway project Jan 3rd

Update on the 3303 Broadway (aka “Iris & B”) high density development proposal:

On December 1st, the Boulder Planning Board unanimously rejected the 3303 Broadway and Iris Development proposal.

At the public hearing before the Planning Board, the developer brought almost as many proponents as we had opponents to the development; she had the support of a few former City Council members, the Chamber of Commerce and other pro-growth groups.

The developer and her supporters are not giving up. We have reason to think that the developer is going to urge City Council to “call up” her plan for 3303 Broadway. It is very possible that the pro-density City Council will approve the request, ignoring the issues raised by the Planning Department and Planning Board.

We really have to come forward at the City Council meeting on January 3rd to stop this development as proposed.  A really huge showing on our part is crucial in order to make a difference.

We urge all of you to attend the City Council meeting on January 3, 2017, starting at 6:00 PM. Even if you are not so inclined to speak at the meeting, please attend in support. Also, please send a letter to the City Council with your concerns.

Read more about our objections to the 3303 Broadway Project:

PLEASE JOIN US ON TUESDAY, JANUARY 3RD at 6:00 at the City Council Meeting.

Read more about the call-up process and the developer’s probable arguments.