Looking for 12 People to start a “co-op”

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$200 / 1000ft2Looking for 12 People to start a “co-op” (Downtown Boulder)

Looking for 12 people who would be willing to share a one bedroom apartment. The bedroom is large and will hold 6. 6 will also be in the living room. Utilities will be shared.

I work a lot of hours and looking for the people who also work full time are willing to eat most of their meals out and shower at the gym and just need a cheap bed to crash in. There is only one parking space with the apartment, but still some areas near by where cars can be stored on street without too much notice from the city. No drugs. No pets. Must be employed full time. If we get enough people working similar shifts, we'll try and make it so one room is for people who work in day and one for people who work nights so there isn't too much disturbance. This will be a crash pad only. Obviously we can't have things like TV's and sofas. The house is mostly going to be bunk beds. Each person will have a small locking wardrobe for some clothes and personal items and a bed. You might need storage if you've got a lot of personal belongings.

We can't start this until January when new rules on co-ops are passed. Rent is currently 2k. With utilities and once weekly professional cleaning your cost should be somewhere just under $200 a month. Looking to be in the space by February.

Source: Looking for 12 People to start a “co-op” at boulder.craigslist.org/