Fred Rubin: Mirror, mirror

Recent actions by the City Council re: the Pearl Street Mall are so absurd that I thought I was reading the April 1 edition of The Onion. For starters, the council’s “emergency” action is no different than one of Trump’s executive actions, which I am certain at least seven of the council abhor as being undemocratic.

… the council suggests that the reason the locals aren’t using the mall as much as we once did must be because of the huge number of banks and other non-local shops. Of course it couldn’t be because the city has allowed behemoth buildings to shade the mall in the winter and block the view year-round, forced Wednesday music lovers to drink a sinful beer inside a chain link lock-up, made smoking or even carrying a small dog or cat illegal, or allowed the homeless population to turn some areas into day/night camps. No, it must be those damn banks! …

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